About Us

Our Co-Founder and managing partner Andy Rohn RN, MBA, has more than 20 years in the healthcare industry.  In the last 10 years his focus has been on improving emergency departments using data, lean principles, best practices, national benchmarks and implementation strategies. At MelAn we believe that the Emergency Department is the front door to the hospital and when it is working well the whole organization benefits. We also believe that understanding the problems an organization is experiencing is only the first step and a step that many large expensive national consultant companies do well.  At MelAn we wish to partner with facilities to take them beyond the obvious by developing affordable real solutions and implementation strategies that will transform any emergency department into a top performing organization.

Mission Statement

To improve the working environment for those who improve people’s lives by applying data, best practice, experience and Christian values.

Vision Statement

To transform every organization we touch into a place your colleagues are proud to be a part of.


Faith: We are called to share our God given gifts to serve those that seek our help.

Hope: We exist to provide hope that any situation can be improved.

Integrity: We truly honor those we serve by acting with fairness, respect and honesty.

Dedication: We provide excellence and innovation at all levels of service.